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"I can help anyone get what they want in life, the problem is I can't find anyone who knows what they want." Mark Twain

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What is my purpose in life? Some people ask themselves this question on a daily basis, dissatisfied with their success--or lack thereof--and wishing they’d accomplished more. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself this question, feeling like you haven’t quite uncovered the patch of greatness you felt certain you were heading toward. Something feels like it’s missing...but what?

Everyone and everything has a purpose. Take a seat belt or a hammer, for instance. Each of them was created to do a task, and they do it beautifully--because they were created for that express purpose. We as individuals also have express purposes. They just aren’t always crystal clear. That’s where Andy Craig comes in.

After devoting himself to the study of self-development and leadership in 2001, Andy has made it his mission to help you uncover your missing purpose, empowering you to follow your dreams and discover your specific gift and talent.

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